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Hey there, I’m Ernie Svenson, a philosophy major turned lawyer who lives in the famously charming city of New Orleans.

My career in a nutshell

I practiced law for 20 years in a big firm. I loved the people but not the lumbering inefficiency.

So, I started my own firm. It was a daunting decision, but it turned out to be an important pivot. Here’s how it went down…

I departed my 40th-floor office on a clear, crisp Friday afternoon, taking with me the client files that would have required a 15’ U-Haul truck to transport if they hadn’t been stored digitally in the 2 lb. laptop I had tucked under my arm as I entered the elevator to descend into a better life.

I enjoyed my solo practice because I got to call all the shots (i.e., reject toxic clients, work as much or as little as I wanted, and do whatever I wanted). Other lawyers noticed my bliss and asked me to help them, so I did.

Then they started paying me to help them, which was nice. Eventually, I realized there was a big need for my tech guidance, so I quit practicing and became a full-time consultant, coach, or whatever the right term is.

Technology can make life better

I believe people can use technology to do mind-boggling things. And this is based on real-world experience: my own and others that I’ve helped (mostly lawyers)

I’ve learned that while technology can help, most people get stuck or frustrated for simple reasons that are not that hard to overcome.

The main reason people struggle with technology is they use it haphazardly. They chase too many shiny objects and don’t commit enough focus on the few tech tools that matter most.

Being strategic helps a lot

Technology is complex, rapidly changing, and highly disruptive. So, you need to reduce complexity and eliminate disruption.

This means you must use it strategically. Using a few key principles is what enables massive success in the long run.

Use the 80/20 principle

This principle enables people to work smarter and get more done with less effort.

Once you understand this principle, you’ll discover amazing opportunities for growth and improvement.

And when you use the 80/20 principle to leverage technology, you'll begin to transform your practice just as I did mine.

What folks I’ve helped say

“I recommend Ernie to anyone who wants to work smarter…while watching everyone else run around in circles.” — Catherine Fairchild

“Ernie is a pioneer in helping lawyers adopt technology, and I highly recommend him if you want to improve your law firm's efficiency and effectiveness.” — Tom Kirkendall

“Ernie has been nothing short of extraordinary. He’s shown me how to use technology to reduce stress, increase efficiency, and have more free time. —Neenah Jordan Kelliebrew.

“Useful advice on the nuts and bolts stuff that really makes a difference in my practice (in contrast to high-dollar consultants that provide conceptual stuff that I don't find helpful). — Marty Sullivan

How you can gain traction

If you appreciate the potential value of technology but struggle to leverage its power, this newsletter will help you gain ground faster and with less frustration.

Another resource is my comprehensive guide to top tech tools, which I crafted to help lawyers but actually applies to anyone who wants to use their digital tools to make life more enjoyable and gain more freedom.

I hope you find these resources as helpful as others have. And I look forward to helping in any other way that I can.



P.S. You can also check out my website if you’d like

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I used tech to help make life easier and more enjoyable and then started helping others do the same. I’m a lawyer, author, speaker, podcaster, blogger, consultant, and a devout contrarian.